Lauren Serra Henderson

Get your marketing materials done.

I help you build the key pieces of your business to get it on its feet.

And I specialize in doing it really really quickly.


My process goes a little something like this:


First, we chat.

All I need from you to get started is your name and email address. We’ll schedule a time to hop on a call, and you can tell me EVERYTHING about your vision.


Second, we get organized.

I will send you a checklist of what I need to start building. Unless we’re building you a brand from scratch, this typically includes files for existing brand assets, any illustrations or images you have on hand, and copy for your marketing materials (don’t worry about writers block - I can help you refine your copy to make it rock).


Then, we build.

It’s as straight-forward as that. I knock out your marketing materials, you rocket back your feedback & revisions. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Since every project is a custom project, all builds look different. But I’ve whipped up some case studies to show you what the build looked like for a few of my favorite projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ When is the right time to reach out to you to start my project?

As soon as possible. Even if you don't feel ready (or you're not sure exactly what you need yet), let's connect to talk more about your vision and how I can help make it real.

+ You say you're fast... just HOW fast are you?

For small projects (like an investor deck, a landing page website, a stationery set, etc), plan on 1-2 weeks from start to finish (not including printing - that's on you).

For medium projects (like a standard website, a suite of matching digital and print stationery, etc), plan on 2-4 weeks from start to finish.

For big projects (like an entire blown out brand complete with bells, whistles, and Ted Talk presentations), plan on 4-8+ weeks. But of course, we'll prioritize your marketing materials so you can get started on taking on the world, even if I'm still working on building everything out.

I also offer rush services for the visionaries of the world who like to wait until the very last minute (you know who you are). If you need your marketing materials ASAP, ask me about my rush service pricing.

+ What do your services cost?

Every project will receive a custom quoted estimate based on the scope of work. Projects typically start around $1,500, and an average medium-sized project ranges from $3,000 - $5,500.

Reminder: your quoted project cost is just an estimate, and your final invoice will reflect the actual working hours dedicated to your project.

+ How do payments work?

For your convenience, payments can be made by check, credit card or bank transfer through QuickBooks.

+ I already have a graphic designer / illustrator I like to work with. Can you still help me with my brand development and marketing materials?

Absolutely. My goal is to help you build a foundation of brand assets and marketing materials that can help your vision grow. Along with design, I focus on brand strategy, messaging, brand consistency, and user experience to build the best brand assets and marketing materials to help you take on the world.

If you have a designer and/or illustrator you LOVE, bring them to the party! I'd love to utilize their talents and knowledge of your vision to make your brand and marketing materials as awesome as possible.

+ Where can I find more details on your service policies?

The Client Service Agreement is always posted on my website for easy access and transparency. If I make any changes to the agreement that will affect your service in any way, you will be notified 30-days in advance.


Let’s make your vision real.

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